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Anti-stress back treatment

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Soothing. Restorative. Profound. Ideal for emotionally exhausted souls who will drift away on an aromatic journey to a world of relaxation. Treatment includes brushing of the legs and back, followed by a back massage using hand-blended aromatherapy oils. A thermal warming body mask is then applied to contain spirulina and seaweed, detoxifying and cleansing.

Treatment is completed with nourishing moisturising cream and a gentle face massage using specific pressure points to encourage lymphatic drainage.

75 mins £75

To Book call 020 8874 4500 or email

Massage needs to be booked by the 31st of January 2023 and used by the 31st of March 2023


Ayurveda Taster Back Massage with Dr Pradeep

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Special herb infused Ayurvedic oils are used for this relaxing and revitalising massage, which can help relieve back pain and wipe away stress.


It also improves blood circulation to the muscles of the back and relieves strain throughout the body.

30 mins £35

To Book call 020 8874 4500 or email

Available until 31 December 2022

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