Wellness Offers

We believe that your health and wellbeing is a priority, so we are dedicating the next month to you! Let us support you on your healing journey with our special Wellness Month offers.


Tell us your concern and try one of  our excellent team of therapists. TASTER TREATMENTS 30 mins for £35. Or book 3 treatments (to be used over one week or one month, as recommended) and save 10% on the package.

To Book call 0208 874 4500 or email admin@samsaramindandbody.com

*T&Cs apply.

Give some Love to your Feet

How much love do you give to your feet? They carry us through the life, connect us to the ground, but we barely remember to give them any thoughts, until we develop health problems.


Reflexology is a centuries old technique, treating the whole body and all different organs, by devoting the entire treatment, precisely to your feet. They have the largest map of your body, and through stimulating these pressure points the energy will pass through all the vital organs and the rest of your body. Give it a try!

*T&Cs apply.