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TECAR Therapy

Yoga Studio

TECAR Therapy is a technology used by physiotherapists in order to promote faster functional recovery by accelerating the regeneration of organic tissue.

It is a highly advanced treatment that transfers high frequency current through the tissues, creating selective tissue hyperthermy. This causes  blood to flow faster and to become more oxygenated. The effect of this is more oxygen and other healing properties to your body’s natural systems.

The advantages of TECAR Therapy in rehabilitation

  • It is completely safe, non-invasive and pain free.

  • Accelerates pain reduction in comparison to other electrotherapies such as ultra-sound.

  • It facilitates faster functional recovery and rehabilitation.

  • Promotes the natural healing of the body, thereby reducing recovery time.


The conditions TECAR Therapy can treat


TECAR Therapy is beneficial for muscular, joint and lymph problems and it is extensively used in:

TECAR is particularly useful for pain relief and anti-inflammatory purposes. It is used to treat acute or chronic conditions in the muscles and joints. This makes it very popular with professional athletes, especially runners. 


It is effectively used to treat knee, shoulder, hip, ankle, spinal column, hand, muscle injuries, as well as painful inflammatory, osteoarthitis and muscular disorders (arthrosis, lumbago, sciatica).

TECAR Therapy    15 | 20 | 60 mins  - £52 | £66 | £85 

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