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Yoga Studio

Specialised Massage


Unlike massage therapies that work from the 'outside in', Reflexology works from the' inside out', stimulating the nervous system to release tension. It involves applying pressure to appropriate points on the hands or feet. Each reflex point corresponds to different organs in the body which are linked through the energy channels, zones and meridians. Reflexology allows the body to return to a state of balance by clearing blockages and allowing energy to flow freely.

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60 mins £78

Specialised Massage


Maderotherapy massage is a cellulite reducing technique that involves a series of frequent movements that are repeated using different wooden elements. When applying these wooden elements onto problematic area, the lymphatic system of the body gets stimulated, thereby freeing it from accumulated toxins, fat and cellulite.

60 mins £78

Indian Head


Indian Head Massage is a simple yet effective therapy that uses a variety of techniques to manipulate soft tissue. It is performed with the client in a seated position and without the use of oils. The therapist uses a range of different massage pressures and rhythms to stimulate the head, neck, and upper back and shoulder area. Regular head massages alleviate feelings of tension, increase blood supply to the head improving mental clarity and alertness.

30 mins £53
45 mins £68

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