Introductory Offer with our New Therapist

£10 off your first appointment with Erion*

We are very happy to be welcoming Erion to the Samsara team. 

He is an experienced massage therapist who is trained in a huge range of techniques.  He also is a highly skilled physiotherapist and his friendly manner makes him the perfect choice to help you improve your range of mobility or assist in correcting a physical injury.

*Offer ends 04.10.20. Offer available on appointments with Erion of 55 mins or more.

Combining to Heal 75 min - £90

Find your perfect combination, choosing from:

Myofascial / Cranial

Perfect for those with sedentary lifestyle,

suffering from tension, stress and back pain

Myofascial / Deep Tissue / Maderotherapy

Perfect for active people - runners, dancers, cyclists.

Deep tissue / Yumeiho

Perfect for those who are restricted in the body,

for hip opening and alignment.

Ayurveda Tapas

Choose one main +1 or 2 sides

Choose from:

1 hour Abhyanga - Full Body Massage or

1 hour Udvartana - Herbal Scrub Massage


30 min Mukhabhyanga Face Lift Massage

30 min Shiroabhyanga Head Massage

30 min Pada Abhyanga Foot massage

30 min Hasta Abhyanga Hand Massage

1 Main + 1 side = 90 min = £115

1 Main + 2 sides = 120 min = £160

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