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We offer a wide selection of relaxing and therapeutic facials to suit every need.

These range from indulgent Caudalie facials to DermaCo non-invasive face treatments. We are happy to recommend the right treatment for you. 

Premier Cru Facial

Ultimate Anti-Aging


This exceptional treatment is recommended for anyone looking to smooth away the signs of ageing. After cleansing, a micro-point roller is used to enhance the penetration of active ingredients and promote the natural production of collagen and elastin. This is followed by a sculpting facial massage and a unique hydrogel mask enriched with Caudalie’s patented Resveratrol for immediate age-defying results. The application of Premier Cru, Caudalie’s award-winning anti-ageing cream, completes the experience.

55 mins £94

Express D-vine Facial

Instant Radiance Boost


Suitable for all skin types, our express facial is ideal for anyone wanting to give their complexion a brightening boost. Commencing with Caudalie’s signature cleansing ritual, your skin is then gently exfoliated before the application of a moisturising mask to restore freshness and luminosity. 

30 mins £59

Bespoke Facial

Hydrating | Firming


Indulge in a Caudalie Facial specifically tailored to your skin’s needs, using products with paraben free, patented ingredients.  We begin with a skin analysis to ensure that we treat your main concerns, followed by the Caudalie cleansing and exfoliation ritual and a face massage. A face mask is carefully chosen to address your skin concerns, ending with one of the Caudalie’s signature serums and moisturiser. This facial can be tailored to target skin concerns such as dehydration, dull complexion and oiliness.

55 mins £84

Deep Pore Facial

Purifying | Cleansing Hydrating

This is a deep, purifying and detoxifying treatment that refines pores, reduces oil production and draws out impurities whilst also hydrating your skin. The treatment begins with a deep cleanse followed by steam, exfoliation and extraction. It completes with a revitalising masque and a nutrient rich moisturiser, to help restore the natural balance of your skin and leave your complexion clean and glowing.

55 min £84

NEW! Face Lift Massage

Rejuvenating | Radiance


A holistic treatment, calming, lifting and beautifying the skin, enhancing your natural radiance for a youthful, dewy glow, bringing a softness to the face. A fusion of gentle massage, pressure point work and lymphatic drainage to release tension whilst smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, both stimulating and balancing the complexion and inner energy systems. Helping ease puffiness and signs of fatigue, leaving you lifted, rejuvenated with a sweet peace placed on your face.


45 mins £70 Limited time only

DermaCo Facial

Lifting | Draining Exfoliating


Using different techniques, including thermotherapy, cryotherapy, ultrasound and LED light therapy, the DermaCo machine can help soothe surface skin, slow down dermal metabolism and improve skin tone and texture. Microdermabrasion programme will aid reduction of enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and removal of discoloration caused by sun damage. Bio Lift (non-surgical lift) will increase collagen production and cell renewal, tone and tighten the skin and reduce dark puffy circles around the eyes.

60 min £89 | 75 min £93


Samsara Indulgence Package

Indulge in total body bliss with this ultimate pampering package. Choose from either deep tissue massage to relieve stress tension and ease aching muscles, or a relaxing massage to induce a deep level of relaxation and calm your mind. Your treatment will be concluded by a 30 mins Indian Head massage and an Express Caudalie facial.

2 hours £123

Classic Facials

Ayurvedic Nourish

& Ground Package

This nourishing and balancing package massage will truly relax and soothe you. It begins with our signature ayurvedic full body massage, using warm, organic oils fragranced with highest grade medicinal plants. a blissful natural lift face massage follows to destress and prevents ageing. Together they are a really powerful combo! Ends with an Ayurvedic de-stress tea. 

90 mins £103




& Mind Package 

Three precious hours of nourishment that will lift your stress level and leave you feeling calm, focused and whole again. The treatment begins with the warm oil ayurvedic full body massage to relax the nervous system, followed by a foot massage to remove blockages and ground you. The divine forehead oil flow treatment at the end will bring about a sense of peace and clarity. 

3 hours £203

Indulgent Package

Ayurvedic Detox

& Tone Package

Perfect for those wishing to lose weight, detox and revitalise. Ayurvedic draining techniques and herbal formula infused warm oils are used to detoxify the body and increase metabolism. A herbal scrub massage increases circulation, tones and smoothes cellulite. An abdominal massage follows to aid digestion and remove stagnant toxins. Ends with an Ayurvedic detox tea to flush out toxins. 

90 mins £113

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