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The Benefits Of A Pregnancy Massage

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

A pregnancy massage or prenatal massage is an incredibly effective therapy for pregnant women relieves abdominal pain, increases relaxation and soothes nerves.

In addition, it has major advantages for mental health by reducing anxiety and stress which can make it easier to give birth once your baby is due.

Why Invest In A Pregnancy Massage?

Qualified Therapists

Pregnancy massages are specialised for those who are pregnant and prenatal massage therapists know exactly how to conduct the therapy to relax your body. This includes getting rid of muscular discomforts like tension, stiffness, knots and leg cramps by increasing blood flow to these areas.

Before treatment, all therapists will discuss with you what areas of your body you would like massaged. They will make sure to avoid any sensitive or uncomfortable areas.

Relieve Constipation

A common symptom of pregnancy is struggling to move your bowels and experience healthy digestion. This can lead to other uncomfortable symptoms such as stomach aches and feeling bloated. Therefore, pregnancy massages encourage your bowels to move and prevent constipation.

Reduce Swelling In Your Feet and Ankles

The extra weight from carrying an unborn child places more stress on your legs and feet. As a result, this can cause your lower body to swell up and make it harder to walk.

A pregnancy massage helps by increasing blood circulation to the affected area which reduces swelling and improves your mobility.

Decrease Pain From Headaches

Excessive tension in the shoulders and neck can lead to painful headaches. Prenatal massages help to loosen up these areas and alleviate any sinus pressure. Pregnancy massage therapists know the right techniques to effectively soothe your upper body.

Get Rid Of Sciatic Pain

Another body part that becomes tight during pregnancy is the buttocks. A pregnancy massage can relax any pinched nerves in this area which can get rid of sciatic pain. This can help improve your sleep and facilitate better recovery.

If you are interested in a pregnancy massage to decrease any uncomfortable symptoms, feel free to book a session with our prenatal experts. We offer three types of sessions that suit different stages of being pregnant. Please speak to your doctor before booking a treatment.

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