A Journey through the Chakras

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which literally translates to disc or wheel. There are seven major chakra centers in human body, starting from the base of the spine, through to the crown of the head. They are interconnected through the network of subtle energy channels or nadis, through which vital energy (prana) circulates.

The three main nadis are Sushumna, the central energy channel, and Ida and Pingala, which run alongside the Sushumna, on either side of the spine. Starting at the base of the spine, where Muladhara chakra is located, the Ida and Pingala rise toward the crown of the head with a serpentine movement passing from left to right and surrounding each chakra. Ida finishes at the left nostril, and it is associated with the parasympathetic part of the brain and lunar, cooling, feminine energy. Pingala finishes at the right nostril, and it is associated with the sympathetic part of the brain and solar, fiery, masculine energy.

In everyday life, one of these nadis is always dominant. Although this dominance alternates throughout the day, one nadi tends to be ascendant more often and for longer periods than the other. During our course, we covered the Ribbon Breath, which is used to balanced Ida and Pingala and left and right brain hemisphere.