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Magda Ciszewska


Originally from Poland, Magda graduated with a bachelor degree in Human Nutrition and Health from the University of Roehampton and straight away developed a passion for health and wellbeing. She has discovered yoga and meditation during writing her dissertation which helped her go through it and changed the way of dealing with stress and obstacles. 

Her favourite part of the day is early morning, when the city is still quiet, with a cup of coffee and a good podcast or a book. 

Being thirsty for knowledge, Magda is currently studying Naturopathic Nutrition and helping family and friends to eat and feel healthy. 

In her free time she loves trying new recipes and sharing nutrition tips which you can find on her instagram @tuneyourself_in. 

If you have any questions or interests in health don’t feel shy to catch her at the reception!


Ema Borges


Ema is both our receptionist and Sunday massage therapist. 

She started out in the make-up industry and soon realised it wasn't aligned when she discovered wellbeing practices that assisted her in rebalancing and living a better quality of life. 

Seeing the importance of these practices, she then qualified as a massage, reiki and hypnotherapist to be able to help others in the same way. 


Ema lives by the motto of 'truth and roots'. She is an avid nature fan and enjoys long forest walks, daily kundalini practice, engaging in creative projects such as painting and writing, and is often participating in rituals such as moon and cacao ceremonies, and ecstatic dance sessions.