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Yoga Studio




Our individually tailored approach to massage therapy will address your unique condition and needs. If you are after something relaxing, we have treatments that are gentle and balancing, allowing you to release any held tension in your body and mind, through fluid, connective movements. 


If you are working with an injury, or you prefer deeper pressure, we offer therapeutic massages that help release aches, pains and muscle tension, working more specifically through deeper layers of body tissue. 


For those who like holistic therapies, we have an amazing range of treatments that use natural, organic products that work on the different levels of your self; physically, emotionally and spiritually. These bespoke treatments balance your chakras, restore energy levels through the use of natural raw ingredients and ancient holistic therapies, bringing a sense of peace and wellness.    

Please mention any special conditions so your therapist can maximize the effectiveness of the session.

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