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Mézières-Bertele Method

Postural Re-Education

Created and developed in 1947 by Françoise Mézières, the Mézières Method (also referred to as Postural Re-education) is a physiotherapy technique that endeavours to rebalance the different muscle and joint chains through stretching exercises and body awareness. The result is improved posture and alleviation of pain.

Laura Bertele,  an Italian doctor and psychologist specialised in physical rehabilitation, also gave her contribution to the method. She was one of Francoise Mezieres' students and then her assistant. During their collaboration, she sensed that they had to study the role of the mind in controlling the body. She concluded that the body is is the mirror  of a person's emotions and experience.

Mézières realised that the muscles acting on the whole back worked as a single unit. If there was increased tension in one part this would cause an unbalance, dysfunction and pain in another. This can become the source of many problems and injuries in the body.  The aim of this technique is to lengthen and soften the muscular chains to restore balance of the whole body.

Mézières method uses novel and subtle neuromuscular techniques including specific postures, a particular type of breathing, and hands-on therapy. The method is designed to decrease the excess of tone which is always found in the muscular chains. This allows the body to return towards a much-improved shape and posture. The painful disorders of musculoskeletal origins disappear and the weak muscles such as the abdominal and front of thigh muscles are naturally strengthened.

Who Benefits from the Mézières Method?

If you are looking to improve your posture, motorial capacity, your physical state or to just feel better generally, the Mézières Method can be of great benefit to you.

Do you suffer from acute muscular or articular problems such as tendinitis, distortion, fractures and dislocations, lower back pain, periarthritis (frozen shoulder) or hernia disc problems? Have you been diagnosed with arthritis or rheumatisms? If yes, the stretching technique of the Mézières Method could ease your discomfort or even help heal the body.

The Mézières Method balances and relaxes the back ensuring a more flexible body and better posture while eliminating stress and pain.

  60 mins           £85