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Holistic Treatments


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About iLA

Meaning ‘Earth’ in Sanskrit, ‘ilā’ reflects a faith in the power of nature as the source of real wellness. ilā only use the finest natural plant and mineral ingredients, wild-harvested in remote, untainted regions by artisan producers who value traditional, sustainable practices.

From earth to skin, great lengths are taken to maintain the unique purity of each and every ingredient. The purer the processes used, the purer the end product - and the greater the natural healing energy contained within.

To achieve this, ilā go beyond organic believing that it is only by embracing the utmost ethical integrity that we can harness the earth’s highest natural vibrations: vibrations with the power to reach beyond the physical to nourish emotional and spiritual well-being too.

ilā treatments are for anyone looking for effective all organic indulgence.

Energising & Detoxifying Body Renewal Treatment

Using the ionising properties of Himalayan Salt Crystals, this body renewal is subtly massaged into the skin resulting in rapid exfoliation and the elimination of toxins and tension. On a subtle level, it cleanses and strengthens the bio-energy fields, leaving mind, body and spirits uplifted. Treatment will include a full body massage, marma therapy and full body oil/cream application.

60 mins £90

Kundalini Back


(Optional Rose Facial)

Ideal for emotionally exhausted souls, this nurturing treatment has an extraordinary restorative effect on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Ancient marma therapy and warm herbal poultices are massaged into the back of the body, whilst sound healing and chakra balancing lift away your tension. Energy is released from the base of the spine and the body is brought back to a state of balance.

60 mins £90 | 75 mins £103

Ku Nye Massage

This Tibetan body treatment balances the five elements to restore a harmonious flow of energy and vitality. A blend of five essential oils work together to stabilise the five sensory organs. Tibetan cupping, kneading and acupressure techniques help release physical and mental tension. Warm crystals and poultices bring harmony from the tips of the toes, to the crown of the head.

90 mins £120

Karuna Kaya

Karuna is a beautiful Sanskrit word meaning'compassion', Kaya means 'body' in the sense of many qualities gather together, joined and united as one- this treatment is about showing compassion and giving relief to a person's physical body, and in turn, pacifying the mind and spirit also. An effective full-body treatment to release deeply-held patterns of tension, remove toxins, relax and soothe muscles.

90 mins £120

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