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Combining to Heal

Myofascial | Cranio | Reflex Points

This is a perfect treatment to achieve deep relaxation of the sympathetic nervous system (responsible for regulating the body's unconscious actions and stimulating the body's fight or flight response.

Using gentle touch, the therapist will be applying pressure and stretching the areas that feel tense, repeating the process till the tension is fully released.

This treatment is suitable for everyone with acute pain which blocks the normal body function or affects the posture. It is highly beneficial for anyone with problems in the spine, neck and sacrum area, as well as headaches and tension from stress. This is a perfect re-boot for your body and mind.

75 mins £90

Combining to Heal

Deep Tissue | Yumeiho | Trigger Point

Treatment will start with analysis of asymmetry in the pelvis, which can cause the spine, joint and muscles malfunction.

The therapist will combine the deep postural muscles work with compression and stretching techniques. The purpose is to balance overloading of one side of the body or to release stiffness in neck and core muscles.

This treatment will enable better sport and exercise performance, as well as agility and oxidation for working muscles. 

It is the perfect pick for the clients who are active in recreational sports, such as golf, running cycling, tennis and high intensity workouts, who spend most of their working hours in sedentary position.

75 mins £90

Combining to Heal

Myofascial | Maderotherapy

This a perfect treatment for those who actively engage in exercise and sport, but don't adequately warm up for activity or release afterwards. This often leads to restriction in the rotation of the spine or other joints.

The therapist will combine the use of active fascia stretching and special wood rollers to achieve relaxation. This is a painless

treatment that will aid flexibility, reduce tension of the muscles and also reshape the body. On its own, maderotherapy is great for cellulite, water retention, lifting the gluteus area and reducting the fat on the stomach area.

75 mins £90

Indulge in total body bliss with this ultimate pampering package. Choose from either deep tissue massage to relieve stress tension and ease aching muscles, or a relaxing massage to induce a deep level of relaxation and calm your mind. Your treatment will be concluded by a 30 mins Indian Head massage and an Express Caudalie facial.


120 mins £130


Indulgence Package


Mum-to-be Package

Our specially tailored treatment for mums-to-be is suitable after the first trimester. Enjoy a full body massage to help with tired muscles and relaxation, followed by a light foot scrub using products especially chosen for pregnant ladies. Finish your experience with an express facial to help target any skin concerns you may have.  A perfect gift for a special mum-to-be.


90 mins £100

This is the ultimate journey to the oasis of peace and bliss. These are truly precious three hours of nourishment that will drop your stress level immediately and leave you feeling calm, focused and whole again. The treatment begins with the warm oil ayurvedic full body massage to recharge and relax the nervous system, followed by a foot massage to remove blockages and ground you. The divine forehead oil flow treatment at the end will bring about a sense of peace and clarity. 

3 hours £200

Body and Mind Balance Package


Detox & Tone


Specific ayurvedic draining techniques and herbal formula 

infused warm oils are used to detoxify the body and increase metabolism. A herbal scrub massage leaves your skin very smooth, increases circulation and tones and smoothes away cellulite. Followed by an abdominal massage to aid digestion and remove stagnant toxins, this package is perfect for those wishing to lose weight, detox and revitalise. The treatment ends with an Ayurvedic detox tea to cleanse the system and flush out toxins. 

90 mins £105


Nourish & Ground Package

A perfect choice for stressed, overworked and anxious mind and body. This soothing, nourishing and balancing massage will take you to the state of your true relaxed self. 

The package comprises of our signature ayurvedic full body massage, using warm, organic oils fragranced with highest grade medicinal plants, and a blissful natural lift face massage that takes away stress from your face and prevents ageing. Together they are a really powerful combo!

The treatment ends with an Ayurvedic de-stress tea. 

90 mins £100