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Serenity Indulgence Package

Indulge in total body bliss with this ultimate in pampering packages. A full body massage to relieve stress tension, ease aching muscles, induce a deep level of relaxation and calm your mind, followed by an Indian Head massage. Finish your experience with a 30 minute Caudalie Bespoke facial. 

2 hours £123

Indulgent Package

Ayurvedic Nourish

& Ground Package

This nourishing and balancing package massage will truly relax and soothe you. It begins with our signature ayurvedic full body massage, using warm, organic oils fragranced with highest grade medicinal plants. a blissful natural lift face massage follows to destress and prevents ageing. Together they are a really powerful combo! Ends with an Ayurvedic de-stress tea. 

90 mins £103


Serenity Best of Both

Indulge in a blissful 60-minute retreat with our revitalising 30-minute facial and soothing 30-minute massage. Experience the ultimate relaxation as our skilled therapists pamper you with a combination of rejuvenating skincare and therapeutic bodywork, leaving you feeling refreshed and radiant.


60 mins £83




& Mind Package 

Three precious hours of nourishment that will lift your stress level and leave you feeling calm, focused and whole again. The treatment begins with the warm oil ayurvedic full body massage to relax the nervous system, followed by a foot massage to remove blockages and ground you. The divine forehead oil flow treatment at the end will bring about a sense of peace and clarity. 

3 hours £203

Shirodhara IMAGE.jpeg

Ayurvedic Detox

& Tone Package

Perfect for those wishing to lose weight, detox and revitalise. Ayurvedic draining techniques and herbal formula infused warm oils are used to detoxify the body and increase metabolism. A herbal scrub massage increases circulation, tones and smoothes cellulite. An abdominal massage follows to aid digestion and remove stagnant toxins. Ends with an Ayurvedic detox tea to flush out toxins. 

90 mins £113


Facial Refresh


Introducing our rejuvenating treatment of the month: the "Facial Refresh"! Treat yourself to 40 minutes of pure bliss with our rejuvenating face lift massage, followed by a luxurious 20-minute Caudalie express facial using their premium products. This treatment offers a host of benefits, including improved circulation, reduced tension, enhanced skin elasticity, and an instant radiant glow. 

60 mins £85

Classic Facials
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